Empty is a research of spaces filled by geometry of the light. An urban overnight trip in through places, invisible during the day. During the night, concrete and iron construcions, have a new life, made of silence and stillness in which the neon cold light shapes materials seemingly indestructible.
Empty is an investigation of empitinesses that fill up vacant places. The discovery of these spaces corresponds to an inner discovery, in which the shadow zones have a new light and meaning.


The River

“The River” is a travel diary that gathers notes, visual experiencies and thoughts, of the exploration of the intimate relation between man and nature. It’s a nietschean circular travel, “inside a finished system with an infinite time in which each combination can be repeated infinite times”. Along the river, chasing the mystery, nature’s inevitability and strength of survival prevaricate on man’s attempts to dominate it. In front of it, there’s nothing left to do but the only possibility to indulge in its balance and be transported.

Made along the stretch of the river Aniene that crosses part of the north of Rome.

“The River” contains metaphorical citations of J. Conrad “Heart of Darkeness” and F. Coppola “Apocalypse Now”, and also elements which align in ┬áthe research of unknown territories geographically and above all metaphorically , trying to unveil the dark side of nature and human consciousness.


One Shot